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Today is November 11 – Veterans Day! I found some old papers of my dad’s from his time in the Army that I’ll share as we begin today’s show.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard the third challenge to the Affordable Care Act. We were nervous, as the court is now the most conservative it’s been in decades. But we got a somewhat pleasant surprise from the comments of both Brett Kavanaugh and CJ John Roberts..and even Samuel Alito!

Our guest today is health insurance industry whistleblower Wendell Potter.  He has been fighting along with progressives for Medicare for All since he first testified before Congress in 2009. He’s still fighting for us!  Today, he leads the Center for Health and Democracy,  a non-profit organization working to transform our health coverage system.

I played one funny (in a perverse kind of way) video. It was put together by The Daily Show to show the hypocrisy of the Fox not-news people


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