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It’s Friday, so when the show ends, the weekend has arrived!

Since this is the first full weekend of autumn, the weather should be universally beautiful, a good time to get out and encourage people to vote! In some places, early voting has already begun. And if you get your ballots in the mail, they should be arriving any time. (Ours showed up today!)

Vote early if you can. That’s one way to avert any bad surprises on election day and make sure your vote will count.

If you need some convincing that that is necessary, you’re in the right place.

Investigative journalist Greg Palast is my guest today. As you likely know, he’s been on the voter suppression beat for years now, honing in on Georgia, which is one ground zero in the fight for our voting rights. *Unfortunately, there are a few ground zeros, as the Republican war against Democrats’ voting has been intensifying for years.

So, Palast has been in Georgia, sleuthing, investigating, asking questions and getting in the faces of the people responsible for kicking so many voters (mostly black people, brown people, and others who are more likely to vote for Democrats).

The result is the new film “Vigilante: Georgia’s Vote Suppression Hitman”!

There are a few screenings this week… we’ll tell you how you can see it when Greg Palast joins in at around the :30 minute mark. Get all the details at