Hillary Clinton is in the Benghazi hot seat again this morning. The few times I checked in during the show – and all accounts from the chat room) show that it’s a continuation of the witchhunt that’s been going on for three years now. More tomorrow, I’m sadly sure.

Last night, the winner was… Jimmy Kimmel! Seriously. First, he got the Back to the Future scoop of the millennium, as Marty McFly & Doc flew onto the stage in the DeLorean and proceeded to crack us up for the next 10 minutes on Back to the Future day! 


So, now you’re thinking that there’s no topping that. Wrong-o you are! Kimmel explained how Donald Trump had been booked, but backed out at the last minute. That just make time for Bernie Sanders to blow everyone away!!




Now that’s good television and a candidate I want to vote for!

Today on the show, it was Harvey J. Kaye‘s turn to talk about the Democratic debate, give Bernie some advice and wonder at the GOP’s collective idiocy.

In hour two, it was Howie Klein, showing us why Alan Grayson sent an email blast singing the praises of Howie & Blue America! We also discussed a couple of pieces going live today at Down With Tyranny, so click over and read! And then follow Alan Grayson’s links and contribute to Blue America!

Time for me to crawl back in the pit and continue wrestling with this new computer. We’ll get there… I hope… and be back tomorrow to wrap this week, radio or not!