Debate moment

That was the moment a lot of people said won the debate for Bernie Sanders. Notice I said “people,” as the “media” is calling it for Hillary. Either way, it was a really good debate, especially if you compare it to the series of train wrecks that the Republicans insist on calling “debates.”

I thought Bernie won, but I also agree with Joel Silberman‘s take on it. Joel, who joined me in the second hour today, is a media trainer. He works with candidates to prepare them for just such events, but Bernie Sanders famously eschewed formal debate prep. He should have engaged in some, preferably with the amazing Joel Silberman!

In the first hour, as she does each Wednesday mornings, my friend and fellow Floriduh-ian Deborah Newell Tornello joined in. We usually do stories from the Oy FloriDUH files, but today, dished on the debate instead. Deborah was on fire on Twitter during the debate last night, so we opined on what was good (Bernie!), what was bad (Webb) and what was really, really ugly (Chafee).

For more, just listen to today’s show… all you need do is click on the play button on the player embedded at the top of this post!

Tomorrow, more debate redux in store with the one and only Driftglass, and the one and only Howie Klein too, radio or not!

Two more things… Here’s the Frank Luntz Focus Group clip I played this morning (you’ll have to explore Fox to find more, but it was fascinating)


And here’s today’s preshow music playlist: