SHut the EPA logo



Those silly Republicans, still trying to shut down the EPA. Who needs an Environmental Protection Agency anyway? It’s not like our water or our air is poisonous or anything. Oh, wait…

Actually that’s exactly what’s happening. From Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder’s horrific indifference to lead poisoning Flint’s children, to So Cal Gas ignoring a methane cloud over Aliso Canyon, we need MORE protection, not less!

Today, I spoke with Tim O’Connor of the Environmental Defense Fund about the methane cloud spewing from “natural gas” wells.

This was the week that President Obama got angry about guns and the lack of any actual reform during his term. I thought we could use a dose of optimism today, so I spoke with Zach Silk, president of Civic Ventures, a public policy incubator based in Seattle, Washington. He ran the successful universal background check initiative in Washington in 2014, handing the NRA a high profile ballot defeat. 

And finally, Julianna Forlano helped lighten the mood a bit to help usher in the weekend. 

Enjoy the weekend… and we’ll see you back here Monday, radio or not!