Aliens America



Ellen Ratner of Talk Media News emailed this morning to say that Victoria Jones is still out sick so, in addition to not having her report, we don’t have her Quick Morning News update either.

So Ellen wrote up the news with this header:

Today — three stories:

The President will issue his executive order – and make a statement in the East Room– Also, the folks taking over the building and land in Oregon….Hillary Clinton and Area 51 and aliens ( I actually know something about when President Clinton tried to do this– Ellen)

So, we covered those three stories today. The show actually ended with the president’s announcement of his executive order on guns, and it was a great speech. Then again, we know he knows how to deliver a great speech.

Joel Silberman joined me today, his first visit for this new year, in which he promised to call bullshit loudly and clearly when ever it is called for! And GottaLaff returned too…

I’m dealing with new year, tech problems (what else is new), so I’ll be back tomorrow.. radio or not!