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On most Wednesday mornings, I’m joined by my friend Deborah Newell for a segment in which we make fun of our state, which we knowingly refer to as FloriDUH. But if you listen carefully, you’ll hear that Deborah has a distinctive accent which sounds nothing like the variety of accents.

That’s because, although she’s lived here for many years, attended college in Gainesville, is married and has raised her three boys here, she never went through the process to become a citizen…. until now.

As she told us this morning, Deborah always said that if Bernie Sanders were to run for president, she would become a citizen. He is, so she did and is now an American citizen! We celebrated this morning!

And we talked about the crazy political shit storm that is the Republican primary and debate drama, and more.

In the second hour, I was joined by Jeffrey E. Stern, author of the new book, The Last Thousand: One School’s Promise in a Nation at WarIt tells a fascinating story of an unlikely school thriving in the middle of war-torn Afghanistan.

“… The Last Thousand centers on Marefat — an extraordinarily progressive, pro-women’s rights institution — that has, in the wake of American occupation and against all odds, grown into one of the country’s most successful schools. Built by Teacher Aziz, a former refugee from one of hte country’s most vulnerable minority groups — the Hazara — Maregat educatess both girls and boys, embraces the arts, and teaches students to question the world around them, interrogate their leaders, and be active citizens in their quickly-changing country.”

That’s the description I read of the book that made me immediately call the publicist to book Mr. Stern on the program. When I began reading it last night, though, my stomach dropped because it seemed that the author was making the case for an endless US occupation of Afghanistan to protect the school and other groups that are at risk of retaliation and worse without US forces there for their protection.

What followed was a spirited discussion. I kept my natural instinct to ask Jeffrey Stern what drugs he was on and to rip him a new one, and instead, engaged him in an adult conversation about the stakes. I’m proud of myself for not going ballistic on him. I may have to try that again sometime 🙂

Tomorrow, it’s Driftglass Thursday, and Howie Klein should be back too… radio or not!