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The honeymoon won’t last forever, so we’ll take today to revel in the glory of getting the Trump family out of our government. I’ll get back to my usual cynical self soon enough, I’m sure. But today, we’ll finish up the week with open phones to hear how you’re all feeling. And I’ll share a few more thoughts and some highlights of the week too.

I shared a few fun videos today, and one picture that I’ve since, unfortunately, found out is not real. But it’s still funny:

The story was that the police escort for Trump’s final ride in the Beast rode in a penis formation. Snopes said Nope! (But it’s still funny!)

Something else that’s funny is Donald Trump, when he’s not in office. Of course, the humor is unintentional, as we’re certainly laughing at him, not with him. One final look at the moron that is Donald Trump! (With thanks and apologies to whomever put this montage together. I searched and couldn’t find it again. But it is a classic!)

And Kinsey Sicks reminded us that We Did Survive!

And here’s the whole show, video version… Have a great weekend. See you Monday!