I couldn’t think of a better guest to kick off the new year than Heather  “Digby” Parton. She is THE OG progressive blogger, still writing  liberally at digbysblog.net as well as in her regular columns for  Salon.com. We’ll talk about the end of 2022, the J6 committee and the  117th Congress, and preview what’s in store for 2023…

With the new year comes a new home for our podcast We’re now streaming via Zencastr. The new home page for the podcast is Zencastr.com/The-Nicole-Sandler-Show.

I’m still working out some of the bugs, but the show should some to you as it always does, if you’re a subscriber.  If you usually come here to download the audio version of the show, bear with me. I’ve not yet figured out how to embed the audio only, but I should have that fixed by tomorrow. In the meantime, you can get the audio podcast of today’s show by clicking here.

As usual, here’s the video version via YouTube