Image, Wonkette.

Image, Wonkette.


It was difficult to keep our progressive and female mouths shut last week when former centerfold and Senator for Ten Minutes, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, allowed his erstwhile supporters to verbally attack opponent Jean Shaheen at a tailgater style political rally. They yelled “fuck Shaheen” and “fuck her right in the pussy”, then labeled her a c*^nt while Brown maintained his pseudo-patrician composure.

Ebola, understandably, had charge of the headlines last week – this repulsive atrocity, however, deserves repeating and some punitive grassroots reaction.

Daily Kos ran the sorry tale, posting the incriminating video to illustrate just how much bile and disrespect Brown allowed to accompany his progress and his presence … not to mention staffers and observers who hadn’t even the decency to ‘shush’ the derogatory bashing and bullying. The video is disgusting, but a must-see, link it here.

[Worth the hop over to YouTube to read the sick comments of likeminded asshats.]

Brown just keeps walking, keeps smirking, swills his beer out of the can like a man and lets it escalate. Harmless frat boy fun, right?

No GOP War on Women here.


Image, Politico.

Image, Politico.


Full disclosure, native Vermont liberal blogger here who has often seen the more fervent Live or Die people shock and appall. This past October weekend raised that awareness and distaste to a new level, when the small city of Keene was reported to have devolved into riots during the annual University of New Hampshire (and surrounding party schools) Pumpkin Festival. Tear gas and state police broke it up as natives looked on in disbelief.

Video of the rioting showed skunk-drunk college kids of both sexes in the streets, overturning a couple of cars, trying to best a street light pole and generally acting like a mob of idiots.

But there was a chilling amount of violence paired with the drunken shouts and grins – and deliberate harm carried out with no seeming fear of reprisal – not unlike the behavior taking place as Scott Brown is videotaped swilling a brewski as some Young Republican advises him to rape his opponent. He tacitly encouraged a Conservative, TeaParty flavored shindig to morph into a misogynistic and X-rated hate fest.

Good going Brownie.

Many of us remember the video of John McCain allowing a supporter to use lesser insults on then contender Hillary Clinton … at least then there was backlash, a common decency that got him to partially acknowledge the big bowl of wrong in the exchange and half-heartedly admit the need for reprisal.

Jeanne Shaheen is no polarizing figure like Hillary Clinton, no matter how much Scott Brown wants to heap grandiosity onto the race and puff up his own importance. Much of the UNH neighborhood clearly tunes into the GOP propaganda channel, solely the Fvx Nation regulars are so pitifully easy to liquor up and point at the nearest woman or Democrat target to detonate some hate and filth at.

Tonight Brown faces Shaheen in a Granite state debate (unfortunately refereed by Chuck Todd of NBC’s Red Meat the Press) in Concord. I for one am demanding some accountability.

If Chucky T. doesn’t have the brass this evening to sharply ask Scott Brown why he stood by and let his supporters bully and bitch-slap a former Governor and current sitting Senator with the C Word, we should really insist on knowing why the hell not.


Catch the entire Daily Kos piece here, nice work Kossacks, particularly author Laura Clawson.