That’s what it looks like. Lauren Valle was trying to present Rand Paul with the “Republicorp Employee of the Month Award” as he was getting out of his car last night to enter the studios of Kentucky Education Television for the debate with Jack Conway.  Rand Paul’s thugs tackled her and stomped on her shoulders and head.  See the video for yourself…

What’s even uglier are some of the comments on this right wing blog, who defend the violence!

A quick shout out to KagroX, who this morning tweeted “Freedom of Speech for Juan Williams. Oh, hold on, I have to step on the head of someone with a sign I don’t like.”

This year’s debates are quite ugly too. Last night, CNN held the final Florida gubernatorial debate of the season, between criminal Rick Scott and ConservaDem Alex Sink. I suppose I have to hand it to Sink for trying to stick up for herself in what appeared to be a Scott-favored q and a session, but she came across as a bit catty. That said, she was trying to get the moderators to acknowledge that Rick Scott refused to sit for even one newspaper editorial board, and she garnered the endorsements of every single paper in Florida… something they seemed quite happy to ignore.

The moderators were CNN’s John King and the St. Pete Times’ political editor Adam Smith, who will join me on today’s show.

We’ll also take a look at Amendments 5 and 6 – Fair Districts Florida, with campaign chair Ellen Friedin.  This is not just a Florida issue, by the way.  Gerrymandering and the way districts are drawn affect everyone, and other states would be well advised to mount similar campaigns.

In hour two, after the news from TRNS, it’s time for Gotta Laff from The Political Carnival!  Today, we’ll discuss these stories and more:

Sarah Palin gets underwear (!) from… Sheriff Arpaio

Marco Rubio skips photo op with Sarah Palin

Black GOP Candidates Accuse Party of Ignoring Them

VIDEO- O’Donnell: “We saw a spike in the polls [the] day that some people had a prayer meeting for me”

Sharron Angle dodges the press… again

Joe Miller: I’m you, too. Um, Joe? No, you’re not.

Reporter gets kicked out of Joe Miller “meet and greet”

And yes, by the way, today’s Michele Bachman-Tarryl Clark debate will stream live at 1:30pm ET here (via ):

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