8-16-19 Nicole Sandler Show – 50 Years Later We Could Use Three Days of Peace and Music

   Fifty years ago today was day two of the Woodstock Festival of Music and Art. Billed as Three Days of Peace and Music, it was just what the times demanded. Unfortunately, we seem unable to re-create that moment in time. We'll look back on that time, mark the death of Elvis Presley on this date in 1977, and explore what's happening in the news today. Our interview today is with Jim Lardner, who has a piece up in the American Prospect asking, "Have Democrats Forgotten How to Do Oversight?" It's a really important question with some actionable advice [...]

8-8-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein

 Trump's trek to El Paso and Dayton as "consoler-in-chief" was a disaster, as is his entire presidency. Nicole Sandler begins the show with a bit of comedy and a look at the latest news of the day. Then, as it's Thursday, Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC returns to talk about two progressive priorities for 2020 and beyond: Medicare for All and a new assault weapons ban...

8-7-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Professor Harvey J. Kaye Weighs In

 It's Wednesday, Trump is visiting Dayton and El Paso while he continues gaslighting America. Nicole begins the show with the latest news of the day, including the controversy over Congressman Joaquin Castro (twin brother of presidential candidate Julian Castro) tweeting out a list of the 44 San Antonians who've maxed out on their contributions to Trump- and the NY Times' bashing it, and the NY Times changing their biased headline due to readers' outrage. Our guest today was Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and author of many books, including a brand [...]

8-6-19 Nicole Sandler Show – The Aftermath with Tim Wise

   The nation is reeling today after two mass shootings this weekend, 13 hours apart. One in El Paso, TX, the second in Dayton, OH. 22 innocent souls were taken in El Paso by a guy with alleged racist tendencies, and another 9 were killed by a man with obvious psychological problems in Dayton. Today, I'm joined by Tim Wise. He's an author, educator, speaker, podcaster and more whose area of expertise is racism and the obliteration of it. It should be a fascinating conversation today. During the first part of the show, I spoke about an article I [...]

7-31-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Debate 2, Night 1 Postscript

   Last night was the first night of the second Democratic primary debates, this one hosted by CNN, and they didn't disappoint. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than the job done by NBC last month, enter CNN! I watched the debate so you didn't have to. Here's everything you need to hear from last night.

7-24-19 Nicole Sandler Show – It’s Mueller Time

   Today's the day that Robert Mueller is on Capitol Hill to testify before both the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. Since the hearings were still in progress at showtime, we carried the last half-hour live, and then did a bit of wrap up and discussion. My overall impression? We're fucked, and not in a good way. For our comedy interlude, I played a video that a friend  sent me this morning in honor of  Boris Johnson becoming the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. This one's for you, Boris.

7-19-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Court Packing with Elie Mystal

 We begin the show, as usual, with an update on the latest crazy news of the day. Yes, we deal with Trump's horrific attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rest of this week's insanity. Last night, CNN turned the next presidential debate into a reality TV show by staging a ridiculous live on the air drawing of podium positions. But I noticed that in all of their coverage of the coming debate, CNN has disappeared Sen. Mike Gravel who is running and did qualify on Thursday for the debate by garnering more than the prescribed 65,000 individual donors. [...]

7-11-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein or WTF Pelosi?

   After taking a few weeks off, Howie Klein returns to the show, just as a rift is growing between the Democratic House establishment leadership and the progressive freshmen contingent. I'm sure Howie will have a few choice words to share on the subject. Plus the latest news and information and more...

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