12-6-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Nicole Sandler Show -GOP Power Grab with John Nichols; Howie Klein Too!

The Nation's John Nichols joins Nicole Sandler at the top of the show to talk about the blatant GOP power grab going on in WI, MI, OH & NC. Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny and the Blue America PAC returns to tell us about last week's Berniepalooza, and his DWT series on "The Worst Democraps Who Want To Be President"

3-8-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Michigan, Mississippi, Moms and Much More

Today is primary day in Michigan & Mississippi for all, plus Hawaii & Idaho for the GOP. It's also International Women's Day. We'll talk all that and more today. Guests are PG Sittenfeld, candidate for US Senate from Ohio, and the Gliberal Goddesses - @GottaLaff, Amy Simon and Nicole gather again.

Power to the People: Save Michigan

Thousands of people took to the Michigan Capital in Lansing today as the State Senate took up its lame-duck session rush bill to pass the ALEC pushed "Right to Work" legislation, undoing decades of hard fought victories on behalf of working people. Estimates of the crowd size ranged from 10-15,000 by 10am, and the Capital itself was shut down when it hit capacity of over 2000. Having worked in both a "right to work" state and under union membership in a union-friendly state, I'll take the latter any day of the week.  My career has always been in radio.  In [...]

How to Fix the Mess We’re In

Listen to this episode: {play}http://traffic.libsyn.com/radioornot/20120807_Nicole_Sandler_Show_.mp3 {/play} Podcast: Play in new window   Today is election day in Washington state and Michigan.  The woman pictured above is Darcy Burner, she's running from Washington's 1st district, and we need her in Congress. Today is the last day to get your ballots in. If you're in Michigan, I can recommend votes for Lance Enderle in the 8th District and Trevor Thomas in the 3rd. If we want to end these senseless wars once and for all and bring all that money home, we need to elect more progressives to Congress. If we want [...]

Fun With Vagina

Listen to this episode: {play}http://traffic.libsyn.com/radioornot/20120619_Nicole_Sandler_Show_-_Fun_with_Vagina.mp3 {/play} Podcast: Play in new window You know what's more offensive than the word "vagina"? Not being able to say it! It is, after all, the anatomically-correct word for the part of the female anatomy that is also known by some pretty vulgar words. Yet, the Michigan state legislature, in all its immaturity, gave state Representative Lisa Brown a "timeout" for daring to use the proper term in her floor speech against a bill that would limit a women's right to a safe, legal abortion.     This reminds me of something that happened here [...]

The News Has Been Canceled

You cannot get a real news report via broadcast or cable news any more.  With the exception of a few shows, it's corporate controlled drek through which one must wade to try to pull some facts.  But the truth is, there's so much news to discuss.  I just wish some of it was good. The word from Japan seems to get scarier by the minute.  As most of the coverage on the TV is about the disaster there, I figured today would be a good day to focus on some of the stories not getting any attention here at home. [...]

Fighting for our Lives

We are. Literally fighting for our lives. In Japan. In Libya, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. And all over the United States in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Arizona and other states who've elected Republican governors who want to bust unions and penalize the poor and working class for- well-being poor or working class, people are also fighting for their lives. I can say that with no trepidation, because if these governors dictators are able to foist their agendas on their states, the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be denied. After all, how can [...]

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