30 Years and Counting

Nicole talks about Live Aid on the 30th anniversary of that trans-continental concert, and gives the details on the first ever Radio or Not Fundraising Auction (which includes a pair of unused tickets to that show!). Cliff Schecter joins in to tell us about Bernie Sanders' stance on guns, and Joel Silberman celebrates his birthday with us!

7-9-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Tear Down That Flag!

It's a busy Thursday on the Nicole Sandler Show. Driftglass returns to talk Shuck Toad and the news, Harvey J. Kaye explains Bernie Sanders' popularity surge in historical perspective, Congressman Alan Grayson throws his hat in the ring and, as if that wasn't enough, more!

7-1-15 Nicole Sandler Show – What Digby Said!

Nicole recaps the latest news with commentary from Heather "Digby" Parton, and Deborah Newell Tornello returns with another edition of the Oy FloriDUH files. Plus the latest news, info and snark...

6-17-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Oy FloriDUH.. and Donald Trump too!

On Wednesday mornings, Nicole is joined by fellow FloriDUH resident Deborah Newell Tornello with a sampling of stories from the Oy FloriDUH files. Dave Johnson returns with the latest on the battle to stop Fast Track. And the GOP clown car is getting ever more crowded. Today, we welcome the Donald to the party!

6-17-15 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. News Now Blumenthal didn't write Clinton emails Issa crashed Benghazi hearing Yaaay the Donald is IN Trump's bestest Tuesday quotes Trade deal rescue? Hack hearing: "Failed utterly and totally" Rachel Dolezal: Weirder and weirder Senate votes to ban torture Obamacare: Top Hill huddle today   Blumenthal Didn't Write Clinton Emails [...]

20150616 Nicole Sandler Show – Once You Go Black…

The Gliberal Goddesses (Gottalaff, Amy Simon & Nicole Sandler) gather to talk about everything from Rachel Dolezal to electoral politics. And Driftglass makes his debut on the show, bringing the bone he has to pick with David Brooks. Plus the latest on the TAA/TPA vote in the House and more

3-19-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Guns, Gams & GOP Games

Nicole talks about the news, including three mass shootings yesterday, the Bill Clinton for First Lady campaign, and Republican nonsense with her guests, Cliff Schecter and @GottaLaff. Plus Huffington Post's Zach Carter gets us started with a TPP secrecy update.

#RANpaul, #WarOnWhites & More GOP Insanity

  I don't know which on is more offensive - Congressman Steve King's comments to the DREAMers who dared question him about his desire to deport them, or Senator Rand (Ran) Paul's dine and dash upon hearing them identify themselves as DREAMers! I began the show with the whole video, embedded below for your convenience, and remind you why DREAM Action Coalition co-director Erika Andiola and fellow DREAMer Cesar Vargas wanted to talk with him in the first place. You'll remember that, in a Newsmax interview in July of 2013, Steve King likened DREAMers to drug smugglers with calves the size of [...]

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