It’s difficult to think of anything coming out of the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut as “good” – but today, we learned of a silver lining on the cloud that’s been hanging over the nation since December 14, 2012.

I was joined on the show this morning by the Speaker of the Connecticut House, Brendan Sharkey, who told us about the new gun legislation that will come up for a vote there tomorrow.  When it passes, and it should – easily – it will be the toughest gun legislation in the country.

The proposal includes new registration requirements for existing magazines that carry 10 or more bullets, something of a disappointment for some family members of Newtown victims who wanted an outright ban on the possession of all high-capacity magazines and traveled to the state Capitol on Monday to ask lawmakers for it.

The package also creates what lawmakers said is the nation’s first statewide dangerous weapon offender registry, creates a new “ammunition eligibility certificate,” imposes immediate universal background checks for all firearms sales, and extends the state’s assault weapons ban to 100 new types of firearms and requires that a weapon have only one of several features in order to be banned.

The newly banned weapons could no longer be bought or sold in Connecticut, and those legally owned already would have to be registered with the state, just like the high-capacity magazines.

The bill also addresses mental health and school security measures.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at my state of Florida, where the Democratic Party seems to be pushing former GOP Governor Charlie Crist as the next Democratic nominee.  I’ll venture back in time to assess Crist’s positions on gun regulations…

Last night, Michelle Shocked attempted to rehabilitate her career by sitting for an “interview” on CNN with Piers Morgan.  Although she claimed to be not homophobic and a supporter of marriage equality (after asked for the 4th time), it was just as odd an outing as her other attempts at clarification since her stupid statements from the stage at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on March 17.

As if that wasn’t enough insanity, we had another example from the warped mind of Pat Robertson this morning too…

So that explains it! God will only grant miracles to the stupid and uneducated. Thanks Pat!

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