6-26-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with GottaLaff

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Every Tuesday, GottaLaff joins Nicole Sandler to talk about the day's news. With today's horrible news out of the Supreme Court and the Southern Border, it should be particularly emotional.

6-22-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Free Press in a Democracy with Tim Ortman

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It's been a rough week in the US, so today Nicole will focus on the importance of a free press in a democracy. Today's guest is Emmy Award winning cameraman and producer Tim Ortman, author of Newsreal: A View Through the Lens When...  

6-21-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Thursdays with Howie Klein

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After an update on the day's news, Nicole Sandler is once again joined by Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC. Big primary day on Tuesday in New York where the corrupt Crowley is challenged by progressive Ocasio. Voters also go to the polls in Colorado and Oklahoma.

6-20-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Greg Palast & Jason Leopold Join In

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With the nation's focus on small children being ripped from their parents arms at the border, the world keeps turning and news continues being made. Investigative journalist Greg Palast joins in to tell us about the latest setbacks to Kansas' Kris Kobach's heinous voter-suppressing Crosscheck program. And BuzzFeed Senior Reporter Jason Leopold returns to shine more light on the Trump Russia probe and the general insanity of our time.

6-19-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Our Nation’s Gone Mad with Dave Johnson & David Daley

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After being out sick for a week, Nicole Sandler returns to a world even more insane. From the G7 (G6?) to North Korea to the horrific and immoral practice of tearing kids out their parents' arms, Nicole and Dave Johnson attempt to make sense of the senseless. David Daley, author of Ratfucked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count also weighs in on yesterday's non decision by the Supreme Court on gerrymandering.

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