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After a painful week watching the Republicans lie their way through a national convention, I’m hoping the Democrats just tell the truth.  It shouldn’t be that difficult.

After all, most of the Democratic Party platform is good, at least when it comes to women, immigrants, seniors, healthcare needs and more of what today’s GOP doesn’t seem to care about.  And I don’t say that lightly… all one needs to do is read the GOP party platform. (You can find my quickie analysis and links to both full platforms here

I spoke a bit about that on the show this morning, and decided to look ahead to what we can expect this week.

I checked in with Mary Rickles, the communications director of Netroots Nation. She was at The PPL in Charlotte, an off-site ground zero of sorts for bloggers and new media types, hosted by Netroots Nation and Democracy for America.   Check them out for lots of great streaming activity…  and if you want to watch the actual convention, just head over to

As we do every Tuesday, I chatted with The Political Carnival’s Gottalaff this morning about last week’s circus, our expectations for this week, and everything in between…

About that 2008 vs. 2012 enthusiasm for Obama thing…

New Yorker magazine cover: Romney, Ryan giggly over prospect of tar-and-feathering a dog

1962 VIDEO- Lenore Romney: George Romney was “a refugee from Mexico on welfare relief for the first year of his life.”

VIDEO- Chris Matthews was on fire, including this: “They discourage black voting and encourage white anger.”

Video- Bill Maher Whomps Dinesh D’Souza Over Anti-Obama Documentary “2016″

VIDEO- Mitt Romney: “Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon.”

VIDEO- Mitt Romney: “It would be helpful to be Latino.”

VIDEO: Oops! Mitt Romney misspeaks, calls America a “company”

VIDEO- GW Bush chief political strategist: What Paul Ryan said in his convention speech “isn’t true.”

Louisiana flood victim: Mitt Romney “said, go home and call 211.”

Romney to Jindal in flood-ravaged La.: “Did the water come from the sky, or the rivers, or the ocean?”

Karl Rove: “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”

African American delegate at GOP convention: “I walked out there, I looked around, and I couldn’t count any black folks.”