It’s a busy day here at Radio or Not headquarters.  The final presidential debate is tonight, and the future of the nation is on the line.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the billionaires and the plutocrats lately – for very good reason.  What’s really at stake is whether or not the deep divide between the very wealthy and the rest of us becomes ever deeper and impossible to gap, or fairness is a goal to aspire to.

Today, we’ll address the subject with one of my favorite authors on the subject – Thomas Frank, columnist for Harpers and author of  The Wrecking Crew, What’s the Matter with Kansas? and his latest book, Pity the Billionaire: The Unlikely Resurgence of the American Right.

We’ll start the show with a voting update from BradBlog‘s Brad Friedman– and his latest reports on NBC’s Chuck Todd claiming that those of us who are concerned about the integrity of electronic voting machines are akin to Donald Trump’s insane birtherism and more..

And we’ll also check in with‘s Bob Fertik, one of the people behind the new Super Voters video portal – a place to upload and watch videos about some of the famous and infamous campaigns being waged right now…

Check back after the show for the podcast!

***Update***  As is always the case when I get to talk with Thomas Frank, it was a fascinating conversation.  He’s headed out on a book tour beginning tomorrow. If you’re nearby, you should check him out at one of these appearances:

 – Chicago on October 23, where I will be reading at Quimby’s bookstore at 7 pm

– Milwaukee on October 24, where you will see me at the Boswell Book Company, also 7

– Seattle on October 25, where I will do an event at Town Hall at 7:30

– Austin, Texas on October 27, where I will take part in the Texas Book Festival at noon

– Kansas City on October 29, where I will appear at the main public library in downtown KCMO at 6:30 pm.

– New York City on October 30, where you can hear Rick MacArthur and me at the Society for Ethical Culture at 7 pm.

– and finally, Boston on November 3, where I will participate in a Mass Humanities “symposium” about inequality. It will apparently take place at Boston College.