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208, 2017

8-2-17 Nicole Sandler Show – The Science of Medical Marijuana

Deborah Newell Tornello and her husband Robert's 3 Boys Farm was just awarded a new license to cultivate & distribute medical marijuana in Florida. She tells us all about the process and what comes next, and introduces us to their Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Greg Gerdeman, who explains the science behind the medicine.

2807, 2017

7-28-17 Nicole Sandler Show- The Skinny Repeal Fails

  The so-called skinny repeal bill failed in the senate last night. Dave Johnson joins in to talk about life with Trump in the White House, how we got here and how we survive it. I also shared a bit of commentary from David Dayen's newsletter (click here to subscribe) about the unsung heroes of last night's skinny repeal defeat: the media! Everyone on the left who came of age during Bush v. Gore has had to put up with the insufferable punditry about John McCain, maverick. Last night he actually lived up to it, though he overshadowed Susan Collins, [...]

2607, 2017

7-26-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Vote-a-Rama, Military Transgression & Ratf**ked Too

Nicole brings us up to date on the senate voting to repeal the ACA. "Boca" Britany Somers weighs in on Trump's Tweets banning transgender people from the military, and Dave Daley, author of Ratfucked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count tells us how gerrymandering will make it difficult for Democrats to take back control of Congress.

2007, 2017

7-20-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Progressive Thursday with Randy Bryce & Howie Klein

We began the show today chatting with Randy Bryce, the iron worker who is challenging Paul Ryan for his congressional seat! Follow him on Twitter at @IronStache. Then, since it's Thursday, it was Howie Klein, explaining how the DCCC is recruiting blue dogs and ex-Republicans to run for seats progressives could and should win...

1907, 2017

7-19-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Radical Right with Nancy MacLean

  Trump is trying to resurrect the Zombie Trumpcare bill and introduced the "election integrity commission" today. I read from a piece from Aaron Blake at the Washington Post, "Why did Trump meet with Putin again? Here are three possibilities." Click through to read the rest of it. My guest today was Nancy MacLean, author of "Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of The Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America".