801, 2020

1-8-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Trump Trumpets War and Cenk is Running

Just click to play: or download here Donald Trump spoke to the American people today, after Iran retaliated against his assassination of Iran's top general by bombing US military sites in Iraq. We'll try to figure out what it all means. After a few minutes of that, we moved on to hear an interview I taped with Cenk Uygur, founder of The Young Turks, who's running for Congress from CA-25 to replace Katie Hill.

301, 2020

1-3-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Trump’s Wagging the Dog

or download it by clicking here   Donald Trump is provoking a war with Iran. I dealt with it on today's show, which was again plagued by technical problems. So instead of bringing you the audio of my show, today I'm uploading today's BradCast, which I guest hosted. But I was able to take the pertinent parts of my show for this broadcast... er Bradcast... where it flows a bit more smoothly. So, enjoy this slightly different take on my program, today with Steven Simon of the Quincy Institute, and my attempts to connect on a human level with a [...]

201, 2020

1-2-2020 Nicole Sandler Show – Starting the New Year with John Nichols

Click to play or download the show audio here Nicole Sandler returns with new shows... to begin the New Year, Nicole welcomes The Nation magazine's John Nichols for his annual year-end progressive honor roll and a look toward the future, as we take on 2020  

3112, 2019

12-31-19 The Nicole Sandler Show Year End Review – Good Riddance to 2019

download   It's the last show of the year, so I thought we'd use the hour to look back on 2019 and bit it good riddance. Obviously, one hour is too short to cover everything that happened this year, so I attempted to get most of the big important stories, and also to spotlight some that I think deserved more attention. So enjoy... and let me pass along best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year that will bring about the end of Donald Trump for good!

2512, 2019

12-25-19 The Nicole Sandler Show Christmas Day Not Safe For Work (or for kids) Musical Celebration

or Download today's show here It's Christmas Day. We're not live today, but I did put together a special not safe for work or for kids musical celebration of the day. It's far from traditional holiday music, with an often perverse or political bent (or both). Then, I'm joined by musical political satirist Lauren Mayer for some of her best parodies, both made for the holiday season and/or this political situation in which we're currently mired. The goal is for some holiday laughs! Should you care to see the videos that go along with the Lauren Mayer songs included in [...]

2012, 2019

12-20-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Tom Steyer Called In and I Told Him What I Thought

Following last night's Democratic primary debate, candidate Tom Steyer called into my show today.  I've been critical of his decision to run and spend $100 million on a quixotic campaign when his money could be put to better use- like building a progressive media infrastructure...  I'm nothing if not honest, so I shared with him what I've said on this program many times. He listened, though I'm not sure he heard what I was saying. Hear it for yourself at the top of the show. As for the debate last night, well, we talked about it and played some clips. [...]

1912, 2019

12-19-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Trump is Impeached and Alan Grayson Returns

  It's a rollercoaster of a day on the show. We were part of history last night, as the House of Representatives, for only the third time in history, voted to impeach a sitting president. Donald J. Trump is now impeached on two articles -- abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. After a break for the holidays, the action moves to the senate where the trial to determine whether he'll be removed from office will take place. Former Congressman Alan Grayson has a new book out, High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump. He returns to the show after [...]

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