205, 2018

5-2-18 Nicole Sandler Show -On Protests with Julianna Forlano

Act.TV's Julianna Forlano is covering protests this week in NYC and joins in to talk about them and more today with Nicole Sandler.  Here's Julianna at yesterday's May Day rally and march in New York. This Saturday, she'll be covering the NYC Cannabis Parade. She did warn us that our political climate is working to outlaw our freedom to protest and assemble.  

2004, 2018

4-20-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Primaries Matter with Jenny Marshall & Dan Canon

We are in the midst of primary season! Nicole welcomes two great progressive congressional candidates who are on the next primary ballot, May 8, to the show today. Jenny Marshall, running in NC's 5th district, and Dan Canon, running in Indiana's 9th.

1304, 2018

4-13-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Oy Floriduh with Deborah Newell Tornello

Deborah Newell Tornello returns to the show for a bit of Friday levity, as she and fellow Floridian Nicole Sandler poke a bit of fun at our state. In more serious news, Deborah updates us on her family's launch of one of Florida's first medical marijuana farms and dispensaries- 3 Boys Pharm.

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