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2706, 2017

6-27-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesday with GottaLaff

GottaLaff joins Nicole every Tuesday to discuss the news of the week, today including the senate attempt to repeal and replace the ACA, the postponement of the vote, Trump's threat to Syria and more... Please don't forget to check out the Trump Care Tool Kit -- share it and use it! Make those phone calls!!

2306, 2017

6-23-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Friday with Joel Silberman

Today, I'm thrilled to welcome my friend, media trainer and strategist, Joel Silberman to talk about politics, the future of healthcare, cancer and more. The website I gave out to use to call some of the more "moderate" Republicans most likely to vote against the GOP Wealthcare bill is Please use it every day!

2106, 2017

6-21-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Summertime Healthcare Blues

It's officially the first day of summer, the planet is overheating, and the GOP Senate "Trumpcare" bill might see the light of day tomorrow. I read a Jonathan Cohn piece from Huffington Post on the show to prove that we're being gaslighted by the Republicans over how the Affordable Care Act was written: "The Big Lie Republicans Are Using To Defend Their Secret Health Care Bill". Today, I was happy to welcome author and journalist Helaine Olen to the show to talk about what's wrong with our health care system in the US. We discussed her latest piece for The [...]

2006, 2017

6-20-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with GottaLaff

  GottaLaff joins us every Tuesday to talk about the news of the week. Today, we spent a lot of time discussing the Republican health care repeal and replace bill that no one except the 10-13 Republican men who are working on it has seen. I shared Greg Sargent's Morning Plum Line blog today, which gives the latest... We already knew that Senate Republicans were going to try to ram through their health-care bill by resorting to a scandalously secretive, absurdly compressed process. But now we have the details: According to the Wall Street Journal, the text of the bill [...]

1606, 2017

6-16-17 Nicole Sandler Show – What the World Needs Now

Today I'm joined by Gaius Publius who wrote at Down with Tyranny about our collapsing social contract. Kelly Carlin was supposed to be on today's show, but had to postpone due to a death in her family. We'll reschedule as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out the webinar she'll be hosting beginning next Wednesday!