1311, 2019

11-13-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Impeachment Hearings R Us

  It's November 13, 2019, a day that will go down in history as the public impeachment hearings for Donald Trump have begun. Ambassador Bill Taylor and Deputy assistant Secretary of State George Kent were the first witnesses. The hearing began at 10am ET, but were still going on at our 3pm showtime, so I carried the last 30 minutes or so of the hearing live. And off we go....

1211, 2019

11-12-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesday with Stone, DACA and Laffy Too

It's Tuesday, so that means @GottaLaff joins Nicole Sandler for a filter-free discussion about the day's news which, today, also includes the conclusion of Roger Stone's trial, DACA at SCOTUS and tomorrow is the start of the public impeachment hearings, so we have a few topics to discuss today! I almost forgot! I promised to link the article about Stephen Miller's white nationalist emails from the SPLC. Just click here to read it.

1111, 2019

11-11-19 Bonus Episode – Religious Freedom, My Ass

  Welcome to a special bonus edition of the show. This week is bound to be extra busy due to the start of the public impeachment hearings, and this interview couldn't wait. My guest is Frederick Clarkson, whose latest research on the Christian Right's "Project Blitz" is chilling. Everyone needs to know how they've been and continue to push their religious beliefs on the rest of the nation in the name of "religious freedom". Read the article, "Project Blitz by Any Other Name" - and click above to listen to the interview.

711, 2019

11-7-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein

  Every Thursday, we're joined by Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC for a post-mortem on Tuesday's elections that showed trouble for Trump. Plus Biden using right wing talking points to accuse Elizabeth Warren of using right wing talking points. ***Update*** The video of today's show was blocked by YouTube because I played that Samantha Bee clip, so they copyright violated me. I went back and edited out the offending clip. But here it is for your laughing pleasure...

611, 2019

11-6-19 Nicole Sandler Show – The Progressive’s Conundrum

Lots of breaking news again today, as it is a day ending with a 'y'. After an update on the latest, I turn to today's guest- Progressive Political Strategist Mike Lux who, like many of us, has been grappling with the choice between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Mike made his choice, and shares it with us. He announced his endorsement in this article for Daily Kos. And just today, he published another article about how the Wall Street crowd is afraid of Warren, "My, How The Wealthy and Powerful Are Howling."

511, 2019

11-5-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesday with Leopold and Laffy

It's a busy Tuesday. Before we get to our regular Tuesday segment in which @GottaLaff and I shoot the shit about the news and check Twitter for the latest, I'll check in with Jason Leopold of BuzzFeed News. Jason was dubbed a "FOIA Terrorist" by our government for his prodigious success in using the Freedom of Information Act to access information for us. This time, Jason won the release of all the all the background info- including search warrants, subpoenas, emails, letters, memos, interview transcripts and more from the Mueller probe. He joins us today to discuss the significance of [...]

111, 2019

11-1-19 Nicole Sandler Show- ACA, Medicare for All and More with Wendell Potter

Today is Nov 1, opening day of open enrollment for insurance under the ACA or Obamacare. (Yes, despite Trump's best efforts, Obamacare is still alive and well, and opens today for business.) And Elizabeth Warren released her plan to pay for Medicare for All. Lucky for us, my guest today is Wendell Potter, the whistleblower who exposed the for-profit health insurance industry for the scammers and crooks they are. Today, in addition to discussing our health insurance options today including the choice between Medicare as it stands today and Medicare Advantage, Wendell also weighs in on Warren's and Bernie Sanders' [...]

3110, 2019

10-31-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Halloween with Howie Klein & and Impeachment Resolution Too

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC. But first, Nicole recaps the news of the day, beginning with the House vote to move forward with rules for the public phase of the impeachment inquiry.

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