You just know that the gang working on the Lawrence Welk Show was smoking pot. Here we are, decades later, and one man is making sure the senior citizens know how much a bit of the medical kush could help them

Robert Platshorn spent 30 years in jail for smuggling pot back in the late 70s.  As a kid growing up in South Florida at the time, I probably smoked some of his imports.  Platshorn was sentenced to 64 years (!!!), but for good behavior and with parole, he got off easy.  Or not.

Since his release, Robert has been busy.  He first published his memoir, Black Tuna Diaries, and worked on a documentary, Square Grouper, that will premiere on Showtime on 4/20.  An epiphany came while on tour promoting his book – to reach out to senior citizens.

He then started The Silver Tour teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana.

In hour two, if it’s Monday, it’s Nicole Belle and Fools on the Hill:

If you’re going to air the Sunday shows on Easter, it’s inevitable that the conversation will center around faith and religion. Sorry, Jews and Muslims, you’re de facto not welcome to this conversation.

It also leaves out Mormons, according to Rick Warren. Warren, head of the 8th largest church in the US and the author of The Purpose Driven Life (all 30 million copies of it) told Jake Tapper that because the Mormon church denies the holy trinity, as far as he’s concerned, that makes them not Christian. That’s gonna make Mitt Romney a pretty hard sell in the Bible Belt.

Need proof? Idaho’s Rep. Raul Labrador told David Gregory that while he’s not going to endorse Mitt Romney, it’s time for Republicans to get behind him. How’s that again?

Luckily, we have Jon Meacham to reassure us that “religion won’t be an issue in the general election”. Right. Because all those Obama is a secret Muslim memes have gotten nowhere.

But the non-religious are not spared the sanctimony of the pious. Bill Graham’s daughter, Ann Graham Lotz told David Gregory that she would never vote for an atheist.

Speaking of ridiculous right wing memes about Obama, Peggy Noonan—of the pursed lips and patronizing tones—bemoans that Obama has been too divisive on the campaign trail. Has she even watched the Republican campaign?

And clinging to those last bit of relevance he hopes he still has, Newt Gingrich told Fox News that the GOP really isn’t an Etch-a-Sketch Party. Of course, this is the same guy who thinks he can make you forget the two wives he cheated on and left, the damage done to the country while he was speaker and the ethics charges that had him leave office. If that’s not someone relying on the Etch-A-Sketch mentality of the GOP, I don’t know what is.

I certainly could use a bit of medicine after that…