climate change if were bank would have been saved

Ever feel like you’re screaming, “Fire!!!!” in a burning building and nobody’s listening? Check this out from the Los Angeles Times, and then link over to read the rest. It’s an article about the millions Tom Steyer spent on climate change awareness in Tuesday’s election, and of course, backing candidates who are not so comatose that they ignore what’s happening to our planet:

The GOP takeover of the Senate occurs as the science of climate change has grown more definitive and the predictions of widespread effects more detailed and dire. On Sunday, a panel of hundreds of climate scientists convened by the United Nations warned that climate change driven by the burning of fossil fuels was already affecting life on every continent and in the oceans and that the window was closing rapidly for governments to avert the worst damage expected later this century.

Yet skepticism of climate science remains Republican orthodoxy.

Here’s the money line:

Steyer’s impact was “Zero. None. Zero,”

[G. Terry Madonna, who directs the Franklin & Marshall College Poll] said. Climate change “was not an issue at all. It has literally no salience with voters. It didn’t ever come up.”

“Not an issue at all.” Life as we know it is at stake, but it’s “not an issue at all.” At the very least, our way of life will change drastically, national security will be at risk, food and water supplies will dwindle, entire swaths of land will be eroded and/or disappear, and countless Americans would be displaced. But climate change “has literally no salience with voters.”

People don’t give a damn, are in denial, or are so gullible that they’ll swallow whatever idiots like Jim Inhofe are feeding them. Read up, America. Do your homework.

Oh, and sleep well. The rest of us, the ones who don’t rely on ignorami to lead us down Masochist Lane, won’t.