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The Nicole Sandler Show returns from hiatus on Tuesday, Oct 17, in an abridged version. Hear the show Tue-Fri afternoons, 3-4 ET/ 12-1 PT for the time being.

4-24-17 Monday Music

This past Saturday saw tens of thousands of scientists and those who appreciate science march for science; this weekend we'll march for climate. The two naturally go together, and will be the topic we explore musically today on Monday Music. Plus my 1996 interview with Bruce Cockburn, including a live rendition of "If A Tree Falls". Listen live from 3-4ET today. The music shows aren't podcast (for now). Stay tuned for details...

4-21-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Cannabis, Earth Day & the News

  Tomorrow's Earth Day, and yesterday was 4/20. It's time to party! First, we celebrated the ouster of Bill O'Reilly with a call to Angelo Carusone. Angelo is currently the president of Media Matters, but when I first met him almost a decade ago, he was a law school student tweeting under the @StopBeck handle, letting advertisers know just who they were supporting. His efforts got Beck booted off of Fox so-called-news. He's since graduated law school and run a number of similar campaigns. This week's victory, letting Bill O'Reilly's advertisers know what they were up against, was a biggie. [...]

4-19-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Truth or Consequences with Gaius Publius

We did get to to the lies... but first, we had some grave dancing to do! Fox so-called News finally cut ties with its other workplace predator, Bill O'Reilly. Companies like Fox really hate it when advertisers flee, which almost all of them did after the NY Times published a story about how Fox and O'Reilly paid out $13 million to five women he was alleged to have harassed and abused. Amazingly, the failing upwards is on display over there where Tucker Carlson will move to 8pm, The Five will move to 9 (renamed, perhaps?), and Sean Insanity will remain [...]

4-18-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Georgia on My Mind and Other News

Every Tuesday, GottaLaff and I hang out and talk about the news, and today there was a lot to discuss! Jon Ossoff is giving the GOP a run for its money in Georgia's 6th Congressional district, in a special election to fill the seat vacated by D'ump's new Secretary of Health & Human Services, Tom Price. If he gets over 50% of the vote, no runoff is needed, and Osoff heads to Congress! D'ump's Wrong Way Armada! Twitler congratulates Turkish "President" on his stolen election win The Apprentisident won't release his tax returns and lots more....

4-14-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Every Friday is Good

Today marks 12 weeks of the D'ump presidency, and the distractions are getting ever more dangerous. Boca Britany Somers hangs out in studio today. She filled us in on her BJs issue, and why she started a Boycott BJs Facebook page.   As I told her, I think boycotts aren't effective. What is effective is having people call and write. So listen to the segment, and if you'd like to contact them, here's the info: BJ's Wholesale Club Corporate Office Address BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. 25 Research Dr. Westborough, Massachusetts 01581 Phone Number: (774) 512-6186 Fax Number: (774) 512-6859 Website: [...]

4-13-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Mother Fu&ker

Today, the "US" dropped the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) - the largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed in Afghanistan, ostensibly against ISIS-K. Of course, they tell us that they "took every precaution to avoid civilian casualties." Of course they did, like they did in this airstrike in Syria (that the administration has been silent about) that hit Syrian allies and killed 18 people! As a bit of a lighthearted diversion, I invited my Facebook page to weigh in with their favorite euphemism for "Trump." As you know, I prefer the contraction of Donald Trump - D'ump. But there were some great [...]

4-12-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Syria, FISA and FloriDUH

It's a busy Wednesday.  Former CIA officer Jack Rice was up first to talk about the latest on Syria, Russia, FISA warrant for Carter Page and more intrigue. And to lighten the mood, my fellow FloriDUHian Deborah Newell returns for another segment of Oy FloriDUH

4-7-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Bombs Away and Your Internet Privacy Too

Trump lobbed $88 million worth of Tomahawk missiles at Syria's Shayrat Airfield, and didn't even damage it badly enough to keep them from using it today. The entire charade is troubling. I covered it in today's What's News? episode and on the show... In the wake of D'ump's gutting of any internet privacy protections we may have previously enjoyed, I wanted to get some useful tips. So I invited Jacob Hoffman-Andrews, a Senior Staff Technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the show to talk about VPNs, two-step verification, https, and other tools we might want to use. Spend some [...]