20160714 Nicole Sandler Show – Waiting

  I was going to be here yesterday. I really was. But the visit with the pulmonologist shook me out of my optimistic outlook and scared the shit out of me. The mass on my lung, unearthed by the x-ray of my heart on Thursday night is, according to the doctor, "large."  He said we need to find out what it it. No shit! The next step is a PET-CT scan. Now we wait for United Healthcare to approve it. And we wait. As of today, when David called the office, the government-sanctioned extortionists have all the information. We should [...]

7-11-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Something’s Got to Give

I know it's only Monday, but this has been a really tough week. Crazy enough to give someone a heart attack. Or not. In the last two weeks alone we've seen - literally seen, thanks to all the videos - the most horrific examples of human behavior play out in front of us like unpleasant movies. On June 28, we watched the horror in Istanbul as a group of mass murderers blew up the airport, killing at least 45 people and injuring hundreds more. Since it's the video era, we even got to see the third terrorist blow himself up. The red [...]

7-9-16 Home Sweet Home

I'm finally home! After a trip to the Emergency Room, a heart attack scare, a fight with United Healthcare, and ambulance ride to a different hospital, and an angiogram, I found out that my heart is actually quite perfect! My cardiologist, the amazing Dr. Michael Chizner, told me that the last thing I have to worry about is my heart. As he explained after the procedure, not only was there no blockage, but my arteries are wide open and clear, and my heart is strong and pumping away, just as nature intended. The elevated levels of the enzyme troponin that [...]

6-13-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Time for Action

The unthinkable happened again this weekend. A crazy person who should never have been allowed anywhere near a gun was allowed to "legally" purchase a weapon of war and a handgun, went to a gay club in Orlando and opened fire, killing at least 50 people and injuring at least 53 others. Our regular Monday morning guest Joel Silberman was back today with a unique perspective on this madness as a gay man who's working with Bob Poe, a candidate running for Congress from Orlando (FL 10), who announced he's HIV positive on Thursday of last week. I mentioned my [...]

6-9-16 Justice or Bust

As Bernie meets with President Obama and Harry Reid today, Nicole Sandler considers what we do next. Donna Smith, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, guests to talk about “Justice or Bust,” The People’s Summit in Chicago next week, and the future of the Democratic party. Driftglass joins in too for our every-other-week dose of snarky commentary

4-06-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Incoming! Duck! Fight Back!

Bernie Sanders won a decisive victory in Wisconsin last night. He's on to Wyoming for Sat. caucus, then on to New York, where Hillary Clinton and her surrogates have stepped up the lies and attacks. And the media is smearing Bernie over his NY Daily News editorial board interview which, frankly, was spot on. Today, Nicole pushes back on the corporate media narrative. Plus Deborah Newell joins in to talk a bit of FloriDUH. And energy analyst, journalist and author Antonia Juhasz tells us about women making a difference in combating climate change

3-15-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Vote Like Your Future Depends On It

 What are you waiting for? If you're in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina or Missouri, today's your day to vote. The political revolution has begun, but it'll only succeed if we all get out and vote!Ben Jealous, the former president and CEO of the NAACP endorsed Bernie Sanders, and is out on the road with him. We caught up with him this morning in Chicago, where he answered a few of my questions about the campaign and what's at stake.'Then we turned our attention toward the people who are most responsible for creating the monster that is Donald Trump - [...]

2-16-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Rites of Passage

Tonight Nicole takes her daughter to her first Springsteen concert! She did her best to contain her excitement during today's show, which featured Donna Smith of "Sicko" fame, now executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, and @GottaLaff too!

2-4-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Forums, Debates & Prayer Breakfasts, Oh My

All eyes are on New Hampshire this week, after a "forum" last night, and the first one on one debate tonight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But first, DC is participating in an anachronism this morning. Harvey J. Kaye guests to talk about the horse race, and Howie Klein tells us about the latest outrage concerning the senator-wannabe Patrick Murphy & his hypocrisy

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