Nicole Sandler’s fight against lung cancer

7-13-16 Seeing the Pulmonologist

I've had sleep issues for a long time. In 1997, I was living in San Diego, co-hosting the 91X "Brand X" Morning Show with my friend Chris Cantore, when he noticed that I was more tired and irritable than usual. I explained that I had this weird sensation in my legs that not only kept me awake each night, but prevented me from even lying down! I described the sensation as feeling like thousands of ants were crawling around inside my legs, not allowing me a moment's rest. When I did sit or lie still, the "ants" would start crawling, [...]

7-8-16 About that X-Ray

  Friday July 8, 2016 I was awakened by the cardiologist, Dr. Mazhar Majid, who explained that my Triponin levels were elevated, the enzyme released into the blood stream after a heart attack or other heart trauma, signaling that I had experienced a heart attack. He explained little else, but did say that the chest x-ray was "clear." I guess he was referring to the fact that the x-ray showed no swelling or inflammation of the heart. (But he left out a vital piece of information, stay tuned!) The next step was to transfer me to another hospital to get [...]

7-7-16 A Heart Attack… or Not

Thursday July 7, 2016 It was one of those days when anything that could go wrong did.  Technical problems at the new studios added to the stress I was already feeling. My show that day was rife with foreshadowing that something bad was going to happen. I believed that my lack of sleep on Wednesday night contributed to my overall lousy feeling that day, but I just pushed it to the back of my mind and got through the day. When I arrived home, all I wanted to do was sleep. After an hour or two, I awoke, bathed in my [...]

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