Today, we’re all Bostonians, I guess.

Although I never lived in Boston proper, I did live in Salem, NH while working at WXRV, a radio station based in Haverhill, MA.  But even more importantly, my dad was from Boston.  Born and raised in Chelsea, he graduated from Boston University and I can still hear his Boston accent when I think of him.

Of course the line that gives this post its title comes from Boston’s anthem, The Standells’ “Dirty Water”.  It was fitting to play this morning…

I wish I had some news to pass along, as speculation does none of us any good.  But the reports this morning that an American airlines flight departing Boston’s Logan Airport bound for Chicago was returned to the gate after passengers complained that two men on the flight were speaking Arabic were disconcerting at best.  Of course, that report comes from a Fox station, of whom we should probably be wary.  Yesterday, the NY Post, Wall Street Journal and Fox all reported false information from the “a Saudi national is in custody” to “Five unexploded devices have been found” and more.

We are getting the first details of the bombs, which were apparently made out of pressure cookers, laced with shrapnel, ball bearings and nails, and placed in backpacks.

This morning, I was joined by Cliff Schecter to talk about the insanity of it all.  Cliff was supposed to join me to talk about what’s happening with the gun legislation, but obviously, the Boston bombing was what was on everyone’s mind today.

GottaLaff joins us every Tuesday morning to dish on the news. This morning, you could hear how her nerves were still frayed, as one of her sons attends Tufts University, and was just a few doors down from where one of the bombs exploded yesterday:

VIDEO ADDED: My son just called from Boston: Two explosions at Boston Marathon finish line. UPDATE: Son’s statement to press

VIDEO: Head of pro-gun group: “We’re taking background checks & making it a pro-gun bill. We snookered the other side.”

VIDEO– John Kerry: Because of guns, foreign students “think they’re not safe in the United States and so they don’t come.”

Howard Dean: “If this passed I would have to reevaluate if I belong in the Democratic Party.”

VIDEO– Part 1 of Marco Rubio’s Sunday Stand-up: GOP isn’t “characterized by intolerance or looking down on anybody.” Ha!

VIDEO– Part 2 of Marco Rubio’s Sunday Stand-up: He hasn’t “fully read the Toomey/Manchin compromise” but he’s against it

VIDEO: GOP Pa. mayor arrested for kidnapping 20-year-old man; gave him alcohol, wanted oral sex, fired gun

VIDEO: GOP Rep. Stacey Campfield runs away from 8 year-old, calls her a “prop”, calls constituent a “union thug”

Hate flying? Blame greenhouse gases. Climate change may boost turbulence.