1705, 2019

5-17-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Sorting Out Our Constitutional Crisis with Lisa Graves

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After an update on the news of the day, Nicole Sandler turns to an old friend for some answers. Lisa Graves was Chief Counsel for Nominations on the US Senate Judiciary Committee under Sen. Leahy, [...]

1605, 2019

5-16-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Thursdays with Howie Klein

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  As Donald Trump and his lawless administration keep thumbing their noses at the rule of law, criticisms of the Democrats are ramping up for not doing their congressional duty. Down with Tyranny/Blue America PAC's [...]

1505, 2019

5-15-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Alabama Getaway and Idiotic US Military Plots Revealed

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As the Trump administration is stupidly considering going to war with Iran, Nicole Sandler brings some insight into other stupid military projects our government has proposed by talking with Vince Houghton, historian/curator of the International [...]

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