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1-9-19 Nicole Sandler Show – How to Cover a Lying President with Daniel Dale

Daniel Dale is The Toronto Star's Washington Bureau Chief, and has the unenviable job of covering Donald Trump. He quickly found a niche: track the president's lies. With his must-read Twitter feed and his work at The Star, Daniel Dale is performing an important public service, and he joins us today on the show. Of course, we'll talk a bit about Trump's ridiculous Oval Office address last night, during which he broke no news... And here's Dan's ongoing coverage of Trump's lies since he's been in office. Note that the star has Trump at 4122 lies;  As of Dec. 30, The [...]

1-8-19 Nicole Sandler Show – GottaLaff’s Back

The holidays are officially over, as GottaLaff returns today for our regular Tuesday get-together. Trump is making his first oval office address tonight, and all of the networks just gave him the airtime he requested. There's that, and a whole lot more to talk about today...

1-4-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Honoring Progressives with John Nichols

2019 is here, and so is the 116th Congress! The Democrats are back in control of the House, and we can allow ourselves a bit of hope again. With a narcissistic madman in the oval office, it's easy to get discouraged. That's why every year, we invite John Nichols on the show to salute The Nation's 2018 Progressive Honor Roll. Today, a look at the best of 2018, and a preview of what's to come in this new year.

1-3-19 Nicole Sandler Show – The 116th Congress Begins and All About the Kurds

Today, the 13th day of the government shutdown, is also the day that the 116th Congress begins and Nancy Pelosi once again rises to Speaker of the House. It's a fairly united caucus, except for that damned PayGo provision in the rules. Critics of Donald Trump's announcement that he's pulling US troops out of Syria have, among other things, cited the probable devastating consequences for our allies, the Kurds. In 2015, I interviewed Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the US. Since so many of us know little to nothing about the Kurds, today we'll replay [...]

1-2-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Real News with David Dayen & David Sirota

2019 is here!. We hit the ground running for the new year as well with a very busy first show. First up, journalist David Dayen whose latest for The Intercept details one of the first big policy votes for the Democrats in the 116th Congress as Nancy Pelosi tries to bring back a PayGo rule. Then we move on to journalist David Sirota who, a couple of weeks ago, published an article exploring Beto O'Rourke's voting record in his three terms in Congress. As no good reporting goes unpunished these days, he's been accused of waging war against Beto on [...]

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