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Ben Folds Five

  Every now and then an album comes out that immediately goes into high rotation on my personal playlist. Such was the case when I heard the eponymous debut from Ben Folds Five. The poppy melodies and three-part harmonies won me over on my very first listen. When they came to play LA for the first time, they made their Los Angeles radio debut on the air with me at fm101.9. The date was  October 18, 1995    

Randy Newman

  I've been honored to have interviewed Randy Newman twice - and somehow didn't manage to get a picture taken with him.The first time we met, it was in the Music Hall at KSCA fm101.9 in Los Angeles. The Music Hall was actually a closed off hallway in between the on-air studio and the production room. But the sound was magic. The second time I got to sit and talk with Randy Newman was at Channel 103.1, the Triple A station that followed KSCA on the air a few years later. It was May 25, 1999. This time we invited [...]

David Byrne

  I've been a fan of Talking Heads since the 70s. So when KSCA launched in July of 1994, and I was able to book David Byrne as our very first artist to appear for an interview and performance, I was psyched! And I got to host him. The station had only been on the air for a few days, and we hadn't yet dubbed our performance space The Music Hall. He agreed to play two songs - a new one and an old favorite. For the old favorite, he chose "Nothing But Flowers," but lamented that he didn't remember [...]

3-8-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Celebrating Int’l Women’s Day with Amy Simon

It's Friday, and we're on Mueller watch, as Fridays are when Mueller's team usually issues indictments. We'll keep you posted on any news that breaks up to and during the show. Today is International Women's Day, so we welcome Cultural Herstorian Amy Simon of She's History back to the show.

3-7-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Thursdays with Howie Klein

Every Thursday, I'm is joined by Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC to talk politics. Today, in addition to the latest news, we discuss new developments in the 2020 presidential race or "Biden for Dummies/Dummies for Biden". At the top of the show, I gave my thoughts on the controversy surrounding Representative Ilhan Omar and the comments she made that were considered by some to be anti-Semitic. As promised, this is the link to Omar's full statement, during which she made the comment. In order to have an opinion, I believe you need to read [...]

3-6-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Vindicated with Journalist Jason Leopold

  Nicole returns today after a power outage knocked her off the air on Tuesday. BuzzFeed News' senior investigative journalist Jason Leopold joins Nicole to talk about his reporting, the attacks on his reporting, and how Michael Cohen's testimony vindicated him and more.

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