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4-19-19 Nicole Sandler Show – It’s a Good Friday with Abdul El-Sayed

  Today is Good Friday and tonight at sunset begins Passover, but we're broadcasting live. As usual, we start the show with a recap of the latest news of the day. We're joined in the second half hour by Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, who placed 2nd in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor of Michigan, but is a health care authority and progressive activist on the rise. We'll talk about everything from Medicare for All (about which he has become an authority) to the Redacted Mueller Report which dropped yesterday. By the way, here is the link the a [...]

4-18-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Mueller Time and Howie Klein Too

It's Thursday and, as usual, we'll check in with Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC. But first, the redacted Mueller Report was released today, and Nicole spent much of the day reading it. We'll share some excerpts and wonder how they could have arrived at a conclusion of no obstruction. (Hint: THEY didn't; William Barr did).

4-17-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Redacted Report Eve with GottaLaff

  Tomorrow's the day we'll get the "Redacted Report," my new name for what we're getting from AG William Barr instead of the full Mueller Report we should be getting. Anticipation is the buzz word today, as GottaLaff joins in on a Wednesday for a change of pace. Lots to discuss as the world keeps falling apart before our eyes... We started today's show with this video, produced brilliantly by Now This News showing the hypocrisy of the Faux News purveyors

4-16-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Gaius Publius and the Democrats’ Big Problem

Bernie Sanders held a Town Hall on Fox last night and he killed it, winning over the Fox studio audience and likely some voters as well. A prominent Hillary Clinton supporter today announced that the attacks on Sanders must stop and Democrats must unite. But some establishment Democratic party-aligned groups are elevating the attacks. Nicole Sandler welcomes Thomas Neuburger aka Gaius Publius back to the show to discuss the story, that he wrote up for Down with Tyranny...  

4-12-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Dems Eating their Own with Dave Johnson

It's been another week that feels like a year in D'ump's America. Nicole Sandler has a few choice words about Think Progress and their latest attack on Bernie Sanders (both the article and the attached video that they produced!). We welcomed Dave Johnson back to the show to talk about our new, sad reality, and what we can do to change it.

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