It’s finally here. Regardless of how the day ends, one thing is good… no more of those horrendous political ads, for a while anyway.

My predictions?  I’ll stay optimistic and say that the Dems will retain control of both houses of Congress, though just barely.   The one good thing that will come of today is that many of the Blue Dogs & ConservaDems (Blanche Lincoln, Bobby Bright and others of your ilk, yes, I’m talking to you) will be purged from our government.  The Democratic caucus will be smaller, but more progressive.  And that’s a good thing.

But it’ll take each and every one of us to get out and vote.

On today’s show, my friend and favorite activist David Swanson will give you a bunch of good reasons why you must vote.  I hope you’ll listen, but you can also read what he wrote over at DailyKos. By the way, the author of  Daybreak has a new book on the way: War Is A Lie! I can’t wait.

We’ll start the show with a quick call to Ellen Freidin, campaign director of Fair Districts Florida, who is the woman behind Florida’s Amendments 5 & 6 to put an end to gerrymandering in this state.

In hour two, we’ll get the news from TRNS.  And then our weekly visit with GottaLaff from The Political Carnival.  Here are a few of the stories we’ll talk about this morning….

Rosanne Cash thumps John Boehner on Twitter

Christine O’Donnell infomercial fail was self-inflicted

PhotOh! Side by side aerial shot of Rally to Restore Sanity (215K) and Beck rally (87K)

Sarah Palin is outraged: CBS Stands For “Corrupt Bastards Club”

Joe Miller thought Alaskan GOP party chair was plotting to kill him.

And Laffy has given us two new Blunt episodes too…

Now do your job as a citizen. Go vote!

A programming note: Kenny Pick will do a special election night coverage show tonight 9-midnight ET right here at Radio Or Not!