scotus marriage


The Supreme Court yesterday heard arguments for and against making marriage equality the law of the land.Where Justice Kennedy will come down is the big question.

For background on yesterday’s case, you can read what Nan D. Hunter, professor of Law at Georgetown, contributor to The Nation, and this morning’s guest wrote leading up to the case being heard.

The New York Times published some pertinent excerpts from the oral arguments, as well as a comprehensive review of how the arguments went here.

And now we wait until the end of June to find out what Justice Kennedy thinks.

In the first hour, we got an update on the Trans Pacific Partnership and President Obama’s big push for Fast Track (or Trade Promotion Authority) to push the TPP through Congress, and his attacks on those progressive Democrats who are actively working against Fast Track. Dave Johnson has been writing about all of this at, and he joined me this morning to talk about it.

And finally, Bernie Sanders will officially announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination tomorrow. Matt Taibbi said it all at Rolling Stone this morning with “Give ‘Em Hell, Bernie!

Tomorrow, journalist Steven Thrasher will tell us about his day yesterday, from the steps of the Supreme Court to the streets of Baltimore…. radio or not!