11-16-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Sexual Harassment Isn’t a Partisan Issue

Al Franken today was accused of sexual harassment by an LA radio personality. On today’s show, I weighed in on the fact that it’s not a partisan issue, though some on the right are trying to make it one. One thing Franken has done that few others in his position have is apologize.

It’s Thursday, so Howie Klein joins in from Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC to talk about what happened in Oklahoma Tuesday when a progressive ran for the state senate, and how congressional Democrats keep making the same mistakes.

  • Jiffy_Squid

    Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for continuing to do your show, we all really need it. My favorite part is the Thursday’s with Howie Klein segments, he really puts out the kind of in-the-trenches information we Progressives need to fight what this last election revealed as our worst enemy, Establishment Dems!! We get nowhere harping on about Trump, unless it includes the hubris (& cheating) of Establishment Dems and colluding MSM bias that elected him. But for the sake of getting HK’s info gold out there, even more, could you put it in a separate link so we can send it to all our Progressive allies? After HK, my favorites are callers, and other Progressive guests. (FYI, my least favs are: Laughy, TMN, & other painfully conventional/establishment segments.) I know you need content, but what listeners are thinking and saying all over the country is far more interesting and informative.

    Thank You

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